1-2 August

World Rogaining Championships

Sierra Nevada, California, USA

Two fun-tastic weeks of Orienteering and Rogaining, leading up to WRC

Bring your family. See Disneyland, Hollywood, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and much more!


Sierra Nevada, California, USA

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Competition Information


The competition area is about 200km^2 in size, located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The average altitude in the area is around 2300m, the highest point is 2665m, and the lowest point is about 1900m. Slopes are mostly moderately hilly with some steep areas and deep ravines. Snow covers the area for 7-8 months of the year, which contributes to the forest being very open and runnable with just small patches of thick vegetation. The forest ranges from open grassy areas to mainly pine forest and some rocky granite outcrops. Streams in the area will be mostly low during the summer.


The scale is 1:25000 with 10m contours and some 5m form lines. Contours are drawn in ArcGIS for Desktop using recently acquired LiDAR data and then exported to OCAD. The map features are drawn in OCAD using the latest high quality aerial imagery. Some vegetation detail is shown, as appropriate, along with the expected features; roads, trails, creeks, and buildings. The map is closer to an ISOM orienteering map than a government (USGS) topo map. Bill Cusworth will provide mapping services. Bill created the 160 km^2 Dinkey Creek map, which was used for the North American Rogaining Championships in 2016.



The SportIdent electronic punching system will be used. Each team member shall wear one SportIdent SI-Card 10, which will be attached to the competitor with a non-removable wristband. SI-Card 10 electronic punch cards will be available for rents and provided by the organizers.

Western Race Services will provide and manage results software for timing and result computing.

Safety and Communications

A large portion of the map area has cell phone access. Competitors will be required to carry cell phones, bagged and sealed, for emergency purposes. Water and electrolyte advisories will be included in competitors' packets.

Weather and Climate Conditions

The competition area has typical mountain weather. Precipitation occurs predominantly in the winter, in the form of plenty of snow. Summers are mild to warm, and typically dry.

Average Weather for August

Description Standard Metric
Average high temperature: 74.6*F 23.7*C
Average low temperature: 49.6*F 9.8*C
Average temperature: 62.1*F 16.7*C
Average precipitation: 0.67 inch 17mm
Average snowfall 0 inch 0mm
Highest average max temperature: 76*F 24.4*C
Lowest average max temperature: 71.9*F 22.2*C
Highest average min temperature: 51*F 10.6*C
Lowest average min temperature: 48*F 8.9*C


Event Saturday, August 1 Sunday, August 2
Civil twilight starts 4:16 AM 4:17 AM
Sunrise 6:02 AM 6:02 AM
Sunset 8:11 PM 8:10 PM
Civil twilight ends 9:57 PM 9:56 PM
Day length 14:09 14:07
Moon Full Full
Moonrise 7:14 PM 8:02 PM
Moonset 3:48 AM 4:48 AM